Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Striped Egyptian Hippopotamus

Today I was mailing our oldest son a care package - an exam tradition - so I was once again in line at the post office. I had no choice but to bribe Garrett with a striped Egyptian hippopotamus (daddy speak for zebra) that he found amongst a pile of plush toys in one of the aisles. While I was preparing the package and trying to keep Garrett from playing with the striped Egyptian hippopotamus on floor (because I had no intention of buying it!)I couldn't help but notice how the clerk was interacting with all the customers.

He was funny, attentive, patient and even shared a joke with an elderly Scottish woman who was in no hurry to leave at all. He created a sense of familiarity that brightened everyone's day and made us all feel great. I wasn't sure how he would react to the dakbands, being older and male, but his reaction was sincere and he immediately put them on his wrist. It really is all about the small gestures.

Yesterday was, sadly, a dakless day. Despite my dak senses being on full alert, I did not have one opportunity to share the kindness. Dakless days make me sad.

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