Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm sure this won't be the first or last time during this dak giveaway extravaganza, that all of a sudden I realize it is 5:00 pm, I'm going home to make dinner and unless there is a fire, won't be leaving my house for the rest of the evening - and I haven't given away any dakbands! And for some reason, the fact that it is dark exacerbates my panic because it feels like midnight. I begin to wonder if it counts if I just simply give someone a pair of dakbands, even if they haven't done anything kind? After all, it might inspire them to be kind. But then I wonder what to say, "Hi, I saw you just standing there in line and thought you might want some bands that will inspire you to be kind?" Doesn't really work does it?

So while all these scenarios are playing through my scattered brain, the cashier at Zarkey's is putting my dinner into plastic bags when I suddenly cry out, "Oh, I have my own bag thanks." There are at least five people behind me in line (groaning). But she not only unpacked my groceries, she re-packed them for me in my cloth bag. And she did it with a smile! I silently thanked the kindness gods and gave her two green dakbands!! She was almost as thrilled as I was.

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