Friday, December 11, 2009

Hospital Daks

The few of you that follow my little blog are probably thinking that my 'advent dak project', as I'm calling it, is taking on a similar on-again-off-again trajectory as my attempt to blog every day for a month. But you would be wrong. My failure to post about my dakband giveaways for the 9th and 10th, was not because I forgot, or didn't give any away, or was too busy....or any other regular excuse. I was in the hospital with a little heart scare :( But looking on the bright side, I had lots of opportunities to give dakbands to all the kind nurses and staff!!

To begin, I think it is important to say that our local hospital, Joseph Brant Memorial Hosipital, although facing staff shortages, funding challenges and a myriad of other difficulties, is filled with sincere, caring, hardworking individuals dedicated to serving the people that come through the doors.

Just a few stories that deserved daks:

Being in the trauma center (because my concern was heart related), there were some pretty sick individuals and stories taking place around me. All of them were moving. However, one woman who was very sick with complications due to chemotherapy, was being cared for by her 'best friend'(that was how she referred to herself). The patient could not talk because of a laryngectomy, so her friend translated for her, was asking doctors all the right questions, simply ensuring that her best friend was being cared for. She was there for hours!! She definitely deserved a dakband.

Yesterday an orderly was taking me down for tests. He could see that I was a bit nervous. So he very kindly gave me a mini lesson in meditation and relaxation. It was great. He was so gentle, and sincere. When he took me back to my room I gave him a pair of dakbands. His reaction was so touching. He told me that in Judaism daks would be called mitzvahs. I love that. I need to do a post about mitzvahs!! I saw him in the hallway as I was leaving and he had already given one of his bands away!

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