Monday, February 28, 2011

Car Show Kindness

I am well aware that the Toronto International Car Show is over, but it has taken this full week to recover from our Family Day experience. Admittedly I am not really a big car fan, my relationship with automobiles is purely utilitarian. Soooo, spending an entire day at an event that involves looking at and appreciating cars doesn't top my list of fun things to do on a rare day off. However, my five year old LOVES cars. Did I say LOVE - that wouldn't quite capture his absolute adoration of anything that has four wheels and an engine. He can name the model (and make) of just about any vehicle on the road, at a glance. For him the car show was heaven.

I want to extend a great big thank-you to all of you who showed such patience kindness during the course of the day. To all of you who waited in long lines to sit in the drivers seat of your dream car, only to have a five year slip under your arm and hop into the seat before you even knew he was there. He really was sincere when he said, "Thanks Mister for opening the door for me." He simply couldn't imagine that you weren't holding the door open for him.

If you are wondering why I didn't try to stop him from butting in, well, that was me you saw running frantically, weaving in-and-out of crowds of people, laden down like pack-horse with coats, purses, bags, trying to figure out which was the Tyota/Ford/etc he was sprinting to next. I never quite caught up. And when I did finally reach the drivers door, he was crawling into the passenger seat, out that door and into the next car. Not once all day did anyone utter a impatient comment, or make him feel anything but thrilled. So, again, Thank-you.
Heaven or Hell - I guess it's all a matter of perspective :)

Here is a picture of our Little Guy (with Luigi)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secret Agents and Superheroes

Ingenuity has always fascinated me. Kindness, of course, is one of my passions. So, when you combine the two, as they are in Laura Miller, I become almost incoherent with excitement. Seriously, it's what I imagine a fix must be like for addict. I get jittery, my mind races with ideas, I'm overwhelmed by all the potential for good. Right now, I'm in the middle of a fix I've just bear with me as I try to channel my thoughts coherently.

It started with an article I found about a pre-school teacher at Missoula Community School in Missoula, Montana, who has her students don capes and become 'superheroes of kindness'. WOW. What better superhero could there be? The children perform weekly gestures of kindness in their community, that have inspired adults to become superheroes of kindness as well. (Kindness has that power doesn't it.) Apparently, Krystal Burns, the teacher of the superheroes of kindness, was inspired by Secret Agent L. (aka Laura Miller).

Secret Agent L, from Pittsburgh, anonymously performs acts of kindness throughout her community, and then blogs about them - sound familiar? (except for the anonymous part :) She now has affiliated agents all over the world helping her to perform missions that change the world we live in. She calls them missions, I call them daks. I think there is a great connection here. I think Secret Agent L needs some dakbands. So although we don't have secret agents, we do have dakscouts. And my dakscout is going to send some dakbands to Secret Agent L., and the superheroes of kindness at Missoula Community School.

One thing is becoming clear, as my adrenalin starts to find a normal level, I need to get daks on the twitter bandwagon!!

Stay tuned for updates on our new and improved map, our new dakbands (arriving early next week) and some exciting new projects I'll soon reveal!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I need to apologize for my inconsistent (read, lack) posting the past weeks. It certainly isn't for a lack of material. In fact, I've read, witnessed, shared, and experienced, many acts of generosity, empathy, compassion, and gentleness over the past few weeks. Yet sometimes it is more difficult to write at these times. It's as if my spirit is overwhelmed by the spirit of kindness, and to try and express the depth and width and height of emotion that moves me is too difficult. Or perhaps I'm afraid of disappointment. That I will not be able to translate the power of these small acts, of deliberate acts of kindness, to change individuals, communities and the world, to others. Sometimes I feel like I need to do more, and ironically, I do less. But make no mistake, it is precisely, the effort each of makes to "bring heaven to earth" that changes the way we live in the world - and inspires others to do the same....

DailyGood: Over Ten Thousand People Attend His Funeral

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time Flies

I wouldn't say I've been having fun exactly, but the past couple of weeks have certainly flown by. It's hard to believe that February is here and Wiarton Willie has predicted an early spring, despite the frigidly cold temperatures and mock snow storms. I've been crazy busy marking papers for the sport psychology course that I am TAing, and spending way too much time at doctors appointments.

Nevertheless, I have been looking for great stories of kindness to share. Last weekend my sister showed me the Youtube video of Chris Medina on American Idol. Although I am an American Idol fan, I missed the show last week. When Steve Tyler whispers into Julianne's ear at the end of the segment it is incredibly moving. What an exceptional act of kindness and grace. I think we have to send him some dakbands.
Have a look:

Speaking of dakbands, we did receive the samples of our new silicone bands. Unfortunately, the kerning on our website address is waaaaay off, so we are waiting for new samples :( Here's the problem:

I'm not sure what kind of acts of kindness the bands are promoting, but sure doesn't look like deliberate. Hopefully, I'll be able to share the real thing in a couple of weeks.