Sunday, December 20, 2009

Only 5 days left

I'm going to do my best to try and remember the dakband tales from last Thursday until today, but being severely sleep deprived, I'm not sure I'll remember much past the last hour. Thursday evening I returned home after an evening out to find my beautiful Mojo (my dog) whimpering on the couch. An emergency trip to our vet, and a sleepless night preceded a diagnosis of a herniated disc - not good. I somehow have to figure out how to stop the dog from climbing or descending stairs, jumping up on any furniture (where he spends a good part of most days)or greeting us at the door on his hind legs! Then the next night we were just crawling into bed when the four year woke up with an ear ache.....Saturday morning we left for Kingston to pick up our other son. Despite being awake all night Friday, the four year found the hotel room too interesting to sleep, which, unfortunately, was not the case for me - except of course for the four year who refused to sleep.

So here goes.....

Thursday, December 17:

It's coming to me.....Oh yeah! This is a good one. Maryann came up to visit and we made a Costco run with the four year old in tow. We got separated while shopping because, as usual, I made it to the furthest point in the store when Garrett announces (to everyone) that he has to go pee. Have you EVER tried to race through Costco the week before Christmas? Once our toilet duties were done I decided that we would wait for Maryann with some fries and a pop, no sense starting over at that point. As the three of us were leaving the store, the gentleman who inspects the carts and receipts drew a snowman with a happy face on the back of our receipt, for Garrett. I gave him a pair of bands, despite the long line forming behind us!

Friday, December 18:

A server at the Williams Coffee Pub, after I dropped Garrett at school. Just because she brought me my double long espresso. I know this is her job and not particularly kind, but I really needed that coffee after spending the night at the vets!

Saturday, December 19:

To a gentleman who helped me put my shopping cart away because my hands were full. I got the feeling the zombie like look on my face evoked some pity.

Sunday, December 20:

Today was a dakless day, most of it spent in the car. I could give some dakbands to my wonderful husband, who is not quite as sleep deprived since the four year old jumping on the bed (beside us), pretending to snore, and singing Christmas carols did affect his ability to sleep at all. Nevertheless, he (my husband) greeted the morning with his usual cheerful demeanor, treated our family, our son's girlfriend and our daughter's best friend to breakfast, and then drove all the way home while I tried to nap - lulled to sleep by Garrett's rendition of the twelve days of Christmas....over.....and over....and over....again.....NOT!

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