Thursday, October 29, 2009

Push for Votes

I know our project has only been up for few days, but I have to confess that we are really discouraged by the paucity of votes people. There are friends who have sent out our plea to 400 or more people!! Well, you know how the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough......get creative!

So, we have made up these really neat postcards, that we are going to handout, along with a free pair of bands, at strategic points all over Milton, Burlington and Oakville, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

That isn't all.....we are also going to give away 500 sets of dakbands to any organization/community (schools included)that registers 500 votes by Sunday. After voting voters must email me and include in their email the organization with which they are associated. (

Yes, we have resorted to shamelessly begging for votes :)

The great thing about all this, is that we will be changing our community just by asking people to vote. Just think of all the acts of kindness associated with the bands we'll be giving away.

Please vote, and ask everyone you know to vote as well. Click on the Aviva button.

Here is a great quote that is keeping me inspired:

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.”

—George Bernard Shaw
(1856-1950); playwright, political activist

I feel like Dorthy at the end of the Wizard of Oz, in her beautiful ruby slippers...only I'm wishing for votes.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celebrate and Vote

We are officially celebrating the long overdue launch of our new website. Please take moment to visit and explore. We are very proud of the results and want to thank our awesome developer Sam, who has worked tirelessly all these long months for pittance. There is still alot of work to be done, and features we want to add, but it is all a matter of funding. And speaking of funding......

With the launch of our new site we have entered the Aviva Community Fund Competition. This is a competition that will award the top prize - which we have applied for - of $250,000.00 to a project that promotes positive, impactful, sustainable change in their community, Canada, and ultimately, the world. We believe dakbands do just that. However, there are three rounds of voting, and to make it to the next round we need to have at least 2000 votes! But because we believe in the power of kindness and change we want to reach 5000 votes and do it by next weekend! Round one ends in 7 days.

So PLEASE follow this link, and vote for us. PLEASE, send emails to EVERYONE you know and ask them to vote as well. We will also have a wonderful new facebook page that will be available today, so that will make it even easier to get all your friends, family and colleagues to vote for us!!

The new button in the left column will help you keep track of our votes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I recently found this quote on the website of Margaret Wheatly (author), "Human kindness manifests only in relationship." I immediately followed every link, listened to her podcasts, read her articles, and went to Chapters to buy her book. Time well spent!

I believe however, that her quote has it backwards. I would suggest that it is perhaps more true to suggest, "Human kindness manifests relationships." The dakbands are evidence that kindness creates relationships where none existed prior to the kindness. When we reach out and offer a complete stranger a dakband (or two) for an act of kindness we witnessed, we now have a connection, a relationship and our humanity expands. We enter into community. Live Kindly. Band Together.

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