Sunday, December 6, 2009

I did not forget!

I did not forget to give away my dakbands yesterday, I just ran out of time to blog about it!

Yesterday was good dakband day in fact. Armed (literally) with my red and green festive bands I left the house early to start the day with my sisters kick boxing class. Perhaps it was the physical exhaustion, but I did not give any bands away at the club. Not to be discouraged I picked up my husband and son and we headed off to brave the Costco crowd. I'm sure you can image what the line ups are like three weekends before Christmas - it's not pretty. Not to be distracted we navigate the flow of shoppers, pick up just what we need and then line up to pay. It is a looong line. My husband realizes that we forgot compost bags and wonders if he should run to the back of the store to get them. My look suggests that he probably has enough time to run to the next Costco to get the bags. Wouldn't you know it, he hasn't rounded the aisle when two new registers open and now we are the first in line. I try unloading the cart slowly, stalling best I can, but there is soon a girl helping and before I know it the cashier is asking if I want this on my card. I explain that my husband went to get something we forgot. Her look pleads, This is really not a good time..... I tell her to just ring it threw, no problem, we'll forget about the compost bags. Of course, as soon as I sign the card I see James at the back of the line, well I think it's him, he is so far away it's difficult to say. Much to our relief, she invites him over and rings in the bags. Now that is kind!

We head back to our car, unload the groceries and the child, and a very kind gentleman offers to return our cart. I need to hang out at Costco more often.

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