Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

A good friend, who never fails to inspire me, and whom I have blogged about a few times in the past, suggested the title for this post. I explained earlier today, over a phone conversation, that I had to catch up on my dak giveaway reporting because, although I have not posted for a few days, I have been giving away my daks! So here's the update......

Saturday, December 12: this, unfortunately, was a dakless day - and not because I didn't try. I set out with an armful of green and red dakbands, my dak radar in full force, and after a busy day that involved breakfast in town, shopping, christmas tree shopping.....I hadn't given away a single dak. I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to think it's the season.

Sunday, December 13: We didn't leave the house because our four year old was quite sick. However, my fabulous, wonderful, loving daughter gave up most of her day to help wash floors, do dishes, vacuum, etc....I gave her a pair of bands because her kindness made my day!

Monday, December 14: I was forced to drag my still ill four year old out of the house, while I picked up some groceries. Once I got him back into the car, loaded all the groceries into the back, I realized that I had to return the cart. Ugh! At just that moment, a beautiful, elderly woman, offered to take the cart but she wanted to look for a quarter for me (the cart cost a quarter - guess where I shop). I explained that I didn't need the quarter, she was helping me by taking the cart because my son was in car. You'd have thought she had won the lottery. "Thank-you, and Merry Christmas," she said. I couldn't resist....that was my first Merry Christmas of the season.

Tuesday, December 15: I ran into the store for a few things, and the cashier was so awesome, it warmed my heart. She bagged my groceries, chatted with me about shopping, and then she was patient and kind when another customer rudely demanded her attention. I love people like her!

Wednesday, December 16: I put an entire package (24 sets) in the mail for Maryanne because her Christmas letter I received in the mail today was incredible (I am going to ask her if I can share portions of it with you - whoever 'you' are). Also, she promised to come and visit me tomorrow.

Remind me to tell you about the visit I had with my Mary Kay consultant today .....

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MaryAnn said...

Your blogs (blah, blah, blah included) are so good for my soul! My shopping cart story goes like this: A lady parked next to me had a microwave in her cart that she was about to load into her car. I offered to help her with it. She was pleasantly surprised at the offer. As we lifted it together we laughed as realized it wasn't heavy at all. One person could have easily done it. Depite that, her genuine appreciate for me help was truly heart warming. She wished me a "Merry Christmas" but not in a robotic way at all. It was a connection. We said that people should pretend its Christmas all year round and look for ways to be nice to each other. Hmmm sounds like the DAKband project to me!