Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hesitate to share this, since my first attempt to blog everyday for a continuous month took me about six weeks. Yet, I am inspired by the season of Advent, the first of December and the fact that today I addressed all the teachers at a local high-school that is implementing the dakbands. I want to model for them the possibilities I speak about. Sooooo........

I am going to try and give away a pair of dakbands everyday between now and Christmas, and share the story here. I've been contemplating the idea for a few days, but was afraid that I would fail as miserably as my attempt to simply blog everyday. Yet once I made the emotional commitment the Law of Attraction kicked into high gear and I became a kindness magnet.

To start the day, I had to do some banking - with my four year old in tow. As you can imagine, this is never really the best scenario because while I am talking with the teller, swiping cards, punching in numbers and trying to keep all the business and personal accounts straight, Garrett is usually hanging off my leg, trying to help me push the buttons and generally distracting me by entertaining everybody in line. Today he was particularly impressed with all the red and white balloons that were decorating the teller area. Somewhat manipulatively he began to share with the girls, and anyone else who could hear, how much he really like those balloons. He left with a beautiful red balloon, on a stick no less, that he carried around for the rest of the morning - until it escaped while he was getting out of the car at Starbucks. I gave a whole set of pink daks to the girls. (and by the way, the Scotia bank at Walkers Line and New Street, in Burlington is the BEST!)

We walked into Starbucks, my daughter, her best friend, myself and Garrett, hoping for a moment to sit down and enjoy a delicious decaf, non-fat, half-sweet, no-whip, peppermint mocha (peppermint hot chocolate for the little guy who just lost his balloon). But the only place left to sit was a table for two....we all stood around awkwardly with our hot drinks, until a very kind gentleman got up from the corner where he was sitting alone with four cozy chairs, and he moved to the small table. I gave him two bands as we left.

If that wasn't enough kindness for one day.....while I was presenting at the high-school this afternoon, one of the teachers (who opened the meeting with a beautiful prayer!) shared her agenda with me and was just heartwarmingly kind. I used her as my part of my demonstration and gave her a pair of bands.

I think I'll start wearing red and green bands in recognition of the season, and I'll have to wear an arm full if this keeps up!

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MaryAnn said...

I'm inspired once again!. Thanks. I've missed your wisdom.