Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've not only been inspired, but am feeling little abashed at the same time. My husband and I went to see Julie and Julia last night, and we are both still talking about it (despite his initial resistance). The stories of the lives of both women are wonderfully entwined, full of passion and completely enchanting. However, Julie Powell's commitment to cook and blog about her project every day for a year put my blogging efforts to shame. And as someone who faithfully follows a few blogs, I have to admit to the daily scan for new news, so how could I be so lackadeaisical about my own blogging? I can certainly offer up a few excuses and as good as they may be they'd still be excuses, so I will resist.

Instead I am going to make a commitment to blog everyday for the next month (I know that 31 days is measly compared to 365, but I have to start somewhere and a month I know I can do ). Although it likely won't be about mouth watering french cuisine (unless someone kindly makes me some!), it will be about moments that change lives.

While approving stories today I came across a dakband (100493) with this story attached to it:


I love it. It makes me wonder who this person is, this person who was given a dakband for simply being herself (or himself!). I smile to think of the people I know who deserve dakbands for simply being because by being they just naturally enrich my life and the lives of people around them. These people have a consciousness that doesn't seem to be constrained by ego, but gently and compassionately reaches out to embrace, without judgment, those around them.

Day 1 of 31

New website update: learning how to use HTML, on top of editing content, is not easy despite that the book I'm using is apparently for dummies! I hope to have the new site up this week - I'm working around the clock. zzzzzzz......

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