Thursday, August 20, 2009

Domestic Daks

Most mornings my husband brings me a steaming cup of coffee in an attempt to rouse me from under the covers. It always works. It is a simple gesture, a subtle token of appreciation, that makes my day - every day. These little expressions of love and kindness are the narratives of our relationships. The details that make our marriages rich and thick and delicious (clearly I'm still thinking of Julie and Julia with the metaphors!).

I think of them as domestic daks. The consciousness, the intention, is what makes the gesture so valuable.

So, yesterdays post........I almost didn't make it! I was in bed, reading my html for dummies and suddenly I remembered that I hadn't posted. It was 11:55, I jumped out of bed, almost breaking my neck on the way down the stairs, turned on my computer....11:56......waited for the internet to hook-up, Firefox to load....11:57....waited for the website to load......signed in to my blog and realized I couldn't possible write anything in one minute.....11:58.....looked for a quote, typed furiously, pressed 'publish'....looked at my clock which said heart sank, after only 3 days I had failed. BUT, by some miracle the post still published under Wednesdays date (my clock was 2 minutes fast!!).

You'll be pleased to know however that all this html reading lead to my very first webpage today - simplistic would be an understatement, but it's enough to get some content on this new site of ours.....well soon anyway.

Day 5 of 31

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