Thursday, July 30, 2009


Generally I wouldn't consider taunting as very kind, but in this case it's really more of a sneak peak. Our big reveal won't be for another week, so I'm going to taunt you with some news and photo of our new website.....

We have been working on a new dakband website for about four months now. It is awesome, state-of-the-art, and once I actually figure out how to add all the content, read and edit html - without driving our overworked and underpaid programmer crazy - we'll be ready for the whole world to start dakking :)

The first thing you'll notice is the map. We have moved the map to the home page because after all it is what makes the project unique and interactive. Underneath the map are MABS: map action buttons. These will allow users to sort all the daks. For example by clicking on the distance travelled mab the top 20 (or so) daks that have travelled the furtherest will appear on the map! (BTW we have a dakband that has travelled almost 10,000 kms!!) Another really neat, new feature is autoplay. The map will automatically trace the route/stories in the order they occured of each dak that appears. And not to give it ALL away (but this is a taunt) but the map automatically scrolls through the tag cloud and prepopulates itself. And yeah, we have a tag cloud (which needs some editing.....)

Drum roll please.........

I can't wait to share the new site with everyone!

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