Monday, August 24, 2009

Pink Daks

It's almost that time again, to lace up those running shoes and start training - if you haven't already - for the weekend to end breast cancer! As you might know, last year the Burlington chapter for Run for the Cure customized the dakbands and made them pink. They are used as part of their fund raising initiative. Well as fate would have it a friend in Ottawa recently asked Maryann to sponsor her team for the weekend fundraiser. Maryann being the infinitely wise and think-on-your-feet kind of person she is instantly suggested that she could sponsor the team or she could give them the value of her sponsorship in pink dakbands which they can in turn sell, to raise even more money.....what do you think they choose to do? It's a no-brainer isn't it.

Here is the team, Groovy Boobie Girls

Please check out their website.

A few notes from Colleen, one of the team members,

As I'm sure you know, you need to put the "fun" in fundraising so our team is called the Groovy Boobie Girls! Each member of my team is required to raise a mandatory minimum of $2000.00 in order to participate in the walk. However, we as a team, are hoping to go beyond our individual minimums and raise a team total of $20 000.00!
We have been fundraising since the end of June (approximately) and have already raised well over $5000.00!

I am attaching a link to our team page, from there you can click on each individual team member, some of which have chosen to share their personal motivations for participating in this walk. Ultimately, we are all passionate about the cause. We all have mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins and best girlfriends and we would LOVE, more than anything, to see and end to women's cancers in our lifetime.

Just as a side note, today myself and one other team member held a charity garage sale as part of our fundraising. This was our first event that incorporated the DAKbands and I'm beyond thrilled to report that we sold 40 DAKbands for $40.00! Instead of selling them by the pack, I decided (since all proceeds go to our charity) to try a $1 a band concept, and we sold half of the bands I have here. People, for the most part, really liked the concept. We set up a donation jar just for the DAKbands and my daughter, along with a friend of hers, did a great job selling the concept that was simple; for a $2 dollar donation benefiting the Ottawa Regional Cancer foundation (which is a kind act!) you would receive DAKbands! There were encouraged to check
out the website and be on the lookout for other deliberate acts of kindness! Out ofthe 40 that were sold, a teacher gave a $20.00 donation for 20 bands that she is going to incorporate into her classroom! Our next team event is a bake sale event in the fall (I believe it's at the end of September) and, since we were so successful today, I will use the same selling concept there as well. I will give you another update in the fall. So far, I consider the DAKbands a fundraising success!

I'll be sure to highlight any great stories that are attached to the pink bands sold in Ottawa for the Groovy Boobie Girls over the next couple of months!

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