Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kind Tattoos

Okay, I know you are not going to believe this, but yesterday morning I had a lengthy conversation with Maryanne about how I almost missed posting Wednesday evening. She reminded me that it really wouldn't have mattered if I had missed the midnight deadline, but I stressed that I didn't want to mess up so early into my commitment to blog everyday for 31 days and I also expressed that I was elated when the post posted on Wednesday. So what happened yesterday you ask....hmmmmm.......nothing. I thought it was still Thursday! So here I am, feeling sheepish and a little discouraged.

Nevertheless, I forge on.

Here are some photos of my twenty year old son's tattoos. The first photo is the inside of his right arm:

this second photo is the inside of his left arm:

To be clear, I did not encourage, promote or suggest that he permanently mark the beautiful body that I gave birth to twenty years ago - in fact I have always been a little anti-tattoo. But between you and me, if he has to have a tattoo, these are pretty cool!

Day 6 of 31


1 comment:

MaryAnn said...

The tatoos say it all.
"Be gentle and kind"... especially with yourself.

Somehow that tatoo wouldn't have been as meaningful if it had been posted before midnight yesterday.