Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Never too young

I had every intention of posting this story last Thursday evening - when it occurred. But, like many of my good intentions it was relegated by life. However, now that I have finally finished unpacking from our two day camping trip that began and ended with a four hour drive (note to self: future camping trips will always have a five day minimum - just to make it even with the time it takes to pack up, and unpack!), I have seized a quiet moment to share a great act of kindness I witnessed.

Last Thursday I ran out to the dollar store at our local mall for a few last minute items. While I was waiting in line, a couple with a young son about 7 years old, was at the cash register. The 7 year old was proudly marching around with a new helium balloon atop a long plastic stick. While his parents were paying for the balloon and a buggy full of other things, he wandered in and out of the store with his precious prize. A two year old in a buggy outside the store saw the Canada themed balloon floating on the stick and immediately made every attempt to exit the stroller and get closer to the balloon. When the older boy saw how much the little boy in the stroller coveted his balloon, he ran back into the store, grabbed another balloon, ran out of the store and generously gave it to the toddler. Unfortunately, the lady behind the counter was not quite so impressed, she wanted two dollars for the balloon. When the father saw how proud his son was to have made the little boy in the stroller so happy, he quickly and quietly paid for the balloon.

I ran down the mall, with my cheap parfait glasses clattering away, one pink dakband in hand. I caught up to the three of them at the ice cream stand and explained to the balloon bearing youngster that I had seen how kind he had been at the dollar store. When I gave him the dakband, his face broke into an enormous grin. It made my entire week.

Parents, your children are never too young to be kind.
(Oh yeah, the mother of the two year was so moved by the deliberate act of kindness that she was still gushing ten minutes later when I walked by to get to my car)

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