Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Extraordinary Kindness

Today I didn't even put the paper down before I began to write this post. When individuals can reach through (what must be) profound grief to extend kindness I believe we all evolve just a little. Such acts of generosity touch the sole of humanity.

In today's story, 'An exceptional gift of life' two women, mothers of babies born four months premature, find their lives and stories entwined. Nicole's baby, Lillian, was born March 4, while Jennifer's baby, Max, was born April 16. Both babies were born at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas. Breast milk was critical to the survival of both babies due to the medical conditions with which they were born. Both mothers were pumping their breast milk for their critically ill infants; however, Jennifer soon ran out milk for her son Max. Nicole on the other hand, had a freezer full since her daughter Lilly was too ill to use it. They were saving it for her recovery. When Lillian died in May, Nicole gave all of her breast milk to baby Max.

On August 17, after four month in the neonatal critical care unit, Max went home for the first time. Nicole was there to see him off. Kindness can be so bittersweet.

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