Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Lori from Faun Lake

It isn't often that someone we haven't yet met offers us a gift. When that gift represents an aspect of that person's spirit it is rarer still. I wonder, what does that say about you, the giver? What do I know about you?

I know that you are Maryann's friend. That fact alone makes me smile.

I know, through Maryann, that you extended me an invitation to join you and some friends at the Women of Faith Conference in Rochester, New York, in October. I accepted.

I know that on blind faith you committed to selling 50 tickets and despite the $80.00 price, purchased those tickets before selling any. You've sold them all.

I know that for all your friends from Faun Lake (and me) who are attending as a group, you've purchased a small gift of thanks. We should be thanking you.

I know that you have given me pause to reflect on the mystery of faith. There are moments when I am wrapped confidently in it's embrace, moments of frantic searching when it seems elusive, and then profound relief when people such as yourself help the rest of us rediscover our green pastures and quiet waters.

Thank-you for your kindness and inspiration. I LOVE the book and note cards.

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