Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great to be me!

There are days when even I slip into the 'poor me' wardrobe, allowing myself to be misled by the illusion of ego (Eckhart would be proud!). I get lazy and before I know it, my thoughts are controlling me, instead of me controlling my thoughts. Most days, however, I can't believe the good fortune that is my life, and I recognize fully the power of positive thinking. Can you imagine waking up everyday to go to work, and your work revolving around kindness - what excuse do I have really? :)

The other day I got to approve this list of daks:

band: 117343 (4 stories attached to this band!)
June 11, 2009, Goderich, ON, Canada

I received the DAK from our principal my kid's school. We have been working on a playground revitalization project. It has been a huge undertaking with so many volunteers involved in so many ways. We are doing this project for our kids, for our school (Colborne Central Public School) and for our community. You get from life what you give.

band: 2340
June 16, 2009 11:06 - Fonthill, ON, Canada

Colin's 3 friends lots bike priviledges this week because they weren't riding safely. There's a group of 5 of them who bike to school every day. Today I asked Colin if he was going to bike to school. He said he was going to walk with his friends because they weren't allowed to ride their bikes and it wouldn't be fair.

band 103126
June 19, 2009 20:03 - Oakville, ON, Canada

while I was having my lunch one day. I sat alone and enjoying my greek salad. I sat and over heard a father and a daughter enjoying their shared sandwich. As they were sitting next to my table . I over heard her say to her father that she was so glad to be able to join him for lunch and that he was so special to her. I couldn't help but think of my father and wished I could have been able to spend just a moment with him. He died in 1992 and I still miss him every day She noted to her father that she had just bought a large quantity of paper towels and that she wanted him to take some to his home so he didn't have to buy any for a while. They were the sweetest pair I had seen in a long time. I decided to pay for their lunch. It must have been about 2 weeks later that The father and daughter showed up at my office at the bank with a beautiful card with great word as wisdom. As I was having a busy day and took time to explain why I felt it wonderful to be able to treat them to lunch. The words in her card made my day even better than it was.

There are days when it is just great to be me!!
Please take a moment to go to our trak your dak page and check out these daks as well:
98692, 95601, 161551

Every conscious act of kindness contributes to peace, and changes the way we all live in the world. Thank-you!!

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