Monday, July 27, 2009

Dakbands Go North

I first met Marty Mako, volunteer extraordinaire, when we were both invited to speak at the Town of Pelham Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - he was the keynote speaker. He did a fabulous job (it was his first time as a keynote speaker) and had some amazing stories to share!

Well now he is up in Yellownife for the summer working on a project he created for aboriginal youth. It is called Photovoice and you can read about it here:

We donated dakbands for his project and last week Marty sent an email with this message:

I was on CBC radio North this morning talking about my youth photovoice program and how we're incorporating the DAK bands! But I actually had a bunch of the youth interviewed as well and it turned out really good, hearing their perspective on how things are going! I'm trying to get the podcast and transcript, then I'll be able to send it out hopefully so you can hear it. The interviewer was telling me that they broadcast and repeat all across Canada though at random hours... so maybe if you turn on CBC radio at 3am one night this week you'll hear me!

I want to share an amazing story from band #99637, one of the Photovoice dakbands:

My beautiful little sister Hannah gave me her dak...Her & I have unique relationship because of the 22 years between us, I was the firstborn daughter who was given up for adoption in 1973, On my 22nd birthday I met my birthmom Jean and the next year I moved to Yellowknife from Toronto 4days after my birthmom gave birth to my blood sister...A miracle to me as at 22 I had never thought i would have a blood sibling nevermind being blessed with watching her grow up! .

We wish Marty and all the youth in Yellownife the best, and hope your summer continues to bless others with kindness and acts of compassion.

...and Hannah, thanks for passing on the dakbands!!

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