Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Lesley

Dear Lesley,

Thank-you for making the best double long espressos! I can't tell you how great it is to see your smiling face at the coffee bar in the morning, especially when I show up with hair unbrushed, face unwashed and looking fairly desperate. I think I probably owe you a lifetime supply of dakbands.

You were one of first people to ask who the little brown skinned boy who showed up on my hip one day was, and your enthusiasm about our adoption of Garrett was incredibly touching. Over the ensuing year, you have continued to ask for him when my hip is empty and engage him when he is there. You have come to represent the best of what it means to live in community for me.

I love to hear you share about your children, their successes and your obvious joy about the people they have become. They are who they are because you are incredibly wise and smart. You obviously taught them values and principles that enabled them to make self confident, positive choices.

And if they have half of the heart for service and compassion and kindness as their mother they will both be blessings to the communities they live in!


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