Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Caine has taught me

Usually, I am one of the last to jump on the band wagon of any kind - due primarily to the fact that I often don't even know there is a band wagon until the ride is over. However, in this case I think I'm an early adopter thanks to Karma Tube and their weekly video. I recommend you hop on because this 11 minute video deserves your attention.

Caine, the gentle, innocent, and unwitting, nine year old star of this short documentary has changed the direction of his life, and perhaps the lives of many others with some cardboard boxes, imagination and the simple faith of childhood. Watching him commit so completely to his project and vision, and then waiting expectantly, hopefully,  for customers,  is almost painful.........until Nirvan arrives. I won't reveal anymore. It might diminish the joy you are certain to experience.

Caine's arcade reminds me of the power of creativity and imagination, of what can happen when children put down technology and play. And Nirvan is an astute, and wise arcade authority, who has shared a beautiful story through his film. In recognition I am sending Nirvan some dakbands registered to Caine's Arcade. I hope that maybe Caine will even use some dakbands for his arcade prizes.


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