Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toot, Toot...

That's the sound of my own horn, in case you're wondering. Under most circumstances I wouldn't blow it, but this is about the dakbands, and I'm really proud of the recognition.

On March 31st, along with 34 other recipients, I received the Brock Alumni of Distinction award. It was a fabulous event and we were all  lavishly feted. To be truthful, compared to the accomplishments of some of my colleagues, I had no idea why I was a recipient. Except, as you can see in the photo below (which was broadcast on an incredibly large screen for everyone to see), that the dakband project was partly responsible for my selection. Now that's exciting.

I was inspired to share about receiving the award after reading about a concept called self-compassion. As someone who is generally quite demanding of herself, I'm coming to a new understanding of what it means to be kind - to myself. A novel idea for sure. Yet, as research indicates, people who are self-compassionate are kinder, more giving, and more supportive within their relationships. Christine Neff, an expert on self-compassion, sums it up like this: Self-esteem is present when we succeed. Self-compassion is a way of relating to ourselves kindly when we fail. So, although the award is certainly a boost to my self-esteem, as I explained earlier, I was overly focused on the achievements of my colleagues, and in comparison I didn't feel as worthy. However, self-compassion teaches that the judgement and comparison are not necessary. The success, accomplishments, the light, the beauty - whatever it is - of others, does not diminish my light, my success. It seems simple, but requires practice. I think I'll give myself a dakband.


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