Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlotte's Kindness

Do you remember the extraordinary kindness of Charlotte the barn spider? She saved Wilbur from the slaughter house with her writing skills:





E.B. White's bestselling children's story, Charlotte's Web, tells a magical story of friendship and kindness through the community of farm animals and a little girl named Fern, on Zuckerman's farm. In the end, sadly Charlotte dies, but Wilbur lives to a ripe old age and works hard to keep Charlotte's memory alive.

I couldn't help but be reminded of this timeless story when my friend Marty Mako sent me some pictures of a real life Wilbur who needs saving. His suggestion, in fact, was that perhaps Wilbur could become the dakband mascot, wearing multiple bands on each stubby leg :) Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure my 10lb Havanese, Mojo, would be fairly intimidated by Wilbur. However, I will absolutely play the role of Charlotte in an effort to save Wilbur.



House Trained!

If you are interested in making Wilbur part of your family, the Lincoln County Humane Society would most certainly appreciate your kindness - and so would all the Facebook fans.

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