Monday, February 28, 2011

Car Show Kindness

I am well aware that the Toronto International Car Show is over, but it has taken this full week to recover from our Family Day experience. Admittedly I am not really a big car fan, my relationship with automobiles is purely utilitarian. Soooo, spending an entire day at an event that involves looking at and appreciating cars doesn't top my list of fun things to do on a rare day off. However, my five year old LOVES cars. Did I say LOVE - that wouldn't quite capture his absolute adoration of anything that has four wheels and an engine. He can name the model (and make) of just about any vehicle on the road, at a glance. For him the car show was heaven.

I want to extend a great big thank-you to all of you who showed such patience kindness during the course of the day. To all of you who waited in long lines to sit in the drivers seat of your dream car, only to have a five year slip under your arm and hop into the seat before you even knew he was there. He really was sincere when he said, "Thanks Mister for opening the door for me." He simply couldn't imagine that you weren't holding the door open for him.

If you are wondering why I didn't try to stop him from butting in, well, that was me you saw running frantically, weaving in-and-out of crowds of people, laden down like pack-horse with coats, purses, bags, trying to figure out which was the Tyota/Ford/etc he was sprinting to next. I never quite caught up. And when I did finally reach the drivers door, he was crawling into the passenger seat, out that door and into the next car. Not once all day did anyone utter a impatient comment, or make him feel anything but thrilled. So, again, Thank-you.
Heaven or Hell - I guess it's all a matter of perspective :)

Here is a picture of our Little Guy (with Luigi)

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