Sunday, January 16, 2011

A News paper and Two more Heart Cards

Friday morning I stopped at my local convenience store for The Star. It is a tiny independent store and the gentleman behind the counter is Middle Eastern. I always buy my paper there, and when the LotoMax is sufficiently tempting, a lottery ticket. On Friday I walked in, saw the empty Star stand and then noticed that an elderly gentleman at the counter had the last paper. "So you've got my paper," I joked with him. He finished paying for his lottery tickets and paper (it's that kind of place) and replied, "Well, the early bird catches the worm young lady." I liked him immediately. Then my friend behind the counter jumped in to say that he had one more paper hidden behind the counter and I could have it. The old guy just smiled as I paid for my tickets and paper. As I paid the owner explained that he always saves a paper for "Doc". If there are only one or two papers left and Doc hasn't been in yet, he takes the papers and keeps them behind the counter. That's what I love about living in community. Simple gestures of kindness.
Due to the early hour I didn't have any dakbands on, but I delivered them later in the day. It was such a great exchange.

Saturday morning, believe it or not, the exact same thing happened. I've been buying my paper there for years and never run into Doc, now two days in a row I am lucky enough to get my newspaper fix because of him - maybe that luck will rub off on the lottery tickets. I'm afraid however that Doc probably thinks I'm stalking him - and young or not, I'm not sure how he feels about that :)

Here are two more Heart Cards:

I really like the idea of 'adding more joy to your day'. It reminds us that joy is something we are responsible for creating. We can add joy, create joy - make our days, and the days of others more joyful. Kindness creates joy.

When we really believe in something, we usually take some kind of action, or get involved. That's why it's so important to 'believe in healing'. Whether it's our own physical, spiritual, or emotional healing, or that of someone else, believing in that healing will engage us, get us involved, force us to take steps toward that healing. Belief isn't wishing, it's action.

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