Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carolin's Heart Cards

On the morning of the 31st (yes, I'm still going on about New Year's :) I picked up my good friend Carolin - community gardener, massage therapist, artist, extraordinaire - whom I've blogged about here and here, before my morning coffee. It was worth it though because she gifted me with the most beautiful set of hand made (her hands) Heart Cards. Each of the 28 cards is a collage framed on a heart theme, then the collage is photocopied onto card stock and she lovingly hand cuts them into 10cm by 13cm cards. To finish, the back of each card is hand stamped with a heart. She explained that she thought of the idea while visiting me in the hospital in the spring (look at the previous post and you'll see how she decorated my hospital room with hand painted hearts - people I didn't even know were coming into my room just to see the hearts!). The idea is to turn the stack of cards face down, fan them out, and then intuitively choose a card. That card is your focus/thought for the day.

So I've decided to share Carolin's kindness and inspire you with two of her cards every day for the next 14.5 days.

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