Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 8

Well, this is day 8. Yesterday I was told to expect to be here for the week, so I figure I better start focusing on the positive, and share some daily act of kindness that I am experiencing.

Yesterday was a doozy. First a good friend from the home church I attend came up to visit. While we were chatting, another good friend who I've blogged about here and here, Maryann, arrived with a picnic feast. She proceeded to prepare a to-die-for (some cardiac humor) spinach salad, served it up with salmon, blue cheese, and homemade rye bread. The three of us cozied up to my tray table and savoured every bite over the course of the afternoon. I wish now I had taken a picture to share. Maryann and Sheryl, listened attentively while I went through every page of the booklet I was given to learn about implantable cardioconverter-defibrillators - the device they are implanting at the end of the week. They shared my worries, fears and concern.

When my husband arrived Maryann ran out to a favourite local restaurant of ours, Sneaky Dee's and brought us back our favourite menu item, King's Crown Nachos. At the end of the evening she drove my husband home.

To top off it all off another friend arrived, Carolin (massage therapist and community gardener), and she gave me a foot massage (for an hour)!

Friendships are incredible expressions of kindness.

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