Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday I spent so much time watching, reading, googling, commemorative events honoring 9/11 that I forgot to share them with you. I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps one of the most significant events was the official declaration, by the President, of September 11 being a day of National Service and Remembrance. I'm sure David Paine and Jay Winuk were not thinking that their foundation, My Good Deed, would become a day recognized by the entire country. Please take a moment to read about the program and their story.

Another incredible program is the New York Says Thank-you Foundation, whose mission (from their website): The mission of The New York Says Thank You Foundation is to send volunteers from New York City each year on the 9/11 anniversary to help rebuild communities around the country affected by natural or man-made disasters as our way of commemorating the extraordinary love and generosity extended to New Yorkers by Americans from all across the United States in the days, weeks, and months following 9/11.

The last line on the home page, which is a letter from Jeff Parness (the founder) reads: From one day of terror, 10 years of Kindness.

That says it all. Kindness does change the world.

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