Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm not really certain where I stand when it comes to contrived 'special days' we are forced to celebrate. At the same time I do recognize the value in acknowledging and celebrating, as community, a common theme. And mothering is a great theme, without a doubt.

My family gave me a wonderful day that included a long afternoon nap. Our four year old presented me with a "noisy card" (one of those cards that plays music when you open it). A special 'noisy card'. It had a recording of his voice, "Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you. This is Garrett." He spent the afternoon opening and closing the card, amazed that somehow it had captured his voice, until I eventually wrestled it from his hands and found myself cursing Hallmark. Our oldest son recorded me a CD of his favourite music, and a DVD of the first three episodes of the Modern Family (VERY FUNNY). Our daughter made a scrumptious dinner and surprised me with a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure. I feel blessed, and spoiled.

Then I think of my Mom, who has been staying with us from Monday to Friday, since she arrived home from Arizona at the beginning of April. She has been watching over me, making certain I follow doctor's instructions, and generally reassuring me that eventually life will get back to normal. All this, while making dinners, doing the laundry, tidying up and sleeping on a futon!! I don't think there is a card that could express how much love her ( and it would be just plain cruel to give her a "noisy card" from Garrett :)

I have so many inspiring mothers in my life that I am especially grateful for this year because they have done for me what mothers do best: nurture, listen, support, cook, clean, sister, my friends, nurses who cared for me in the hospital. Yet, I can't help but think of the women for whom this day brought sadness, or emptiness, even pain. I can't help but think of the young woman I met in the hospital, how did this Mother's Day treat her? Does she have a mother, a sister, friends, women who will take care of her, support her and care for her while she is turning into a mother?

There is so much kindness for us to share, as women. We need more than one day a year to celebrate each other. We need to dak each other daily.

If you have special Mother's day story, please consider sharing it with us, so that we all can be encouraged!

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