Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding Daks

Imagine a wedding favour that enables you to not only celebrate your love for each other, but shares that love with the world. Over the years, as your lives change and grow, at the best and worst of times, being able to follow the journeys of daks that began with the celebration of your promise to each other. What a great idea - but then I'm a bit prejudiced perhaps :)

Melissa and Ryan gave every guest at their wedding a pair of pink dakbands (proceeds go to Run For the Cure). All the bands were pre-registered so their guests could slip them on and start giving them away. Please go to our trak your dak page and under the organization tab click on Melissa Hurley and Ryan Kozir to see all their bands.

Here are a few pics with dakbands:

And just to give you an idea of the memories they are creating look at the map with just a few of their daks on it!!!

Best wishes to the beautiful couple, and may the daks that the two of you have encouraged travel far and wide, make you smile and give you hope!!

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