Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kindness Tree Daks!

Thanks to our dak queen Maryann (see post) we have some wonderful businesses in Pelham that are selling the dakbands to raise money for Pelham Cares, a not for profit organization that is raising money to create a permanent home for the Pelham foodbank.

We want to thank, The Voice of Pelham (the local newspaper. Please read the article they wrote about the dakbands!), Smart Cents, and Nature's Corner Bakery and Cafe.

Carol Lloyd of Nature's Corner Bakery and Cafe sent these photos of the 'kindness tree' she created in her store. So very cool.

If you have any festive dak pictures or dak stories please share them with us. We'll send you some dakbands in return!!

Please to our track your dak page to see where dak 37889 has been! Be sure to decrease the magnification on the map so you can see both points!

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