Sunday, December 7, 2008

Drive by Dak!!

Suffice to say that I have given out dakbands for the slightest of excuses. Some people have mentioned to me that they only pass along dakbands when the act of kindness is really an obvious act of kindness. In other words, holding the door for someone is not something they would consider an act of kindness - it's just common courtesy. While I understand the position, I believe that by encouraging these 'common' courtesies (deliberate acts of kindness) the way that we all live in community changes - improves! So I look for any and every opportunity to pass the bands along.

Having said that, the other day I was driving along a fairly busy side street with traffic moving in both directions, when up ahead I noticed two large garbage bins blowing into the middle of the street. As I was slowing to avoid the bins, the vehicle coming toward us stopped. The driver, a woman, stopped her van (yes it was in the middle of the road), jumped out and ran all over the road trying capture those bins and then set them on the boulevard. I was pulling up beside her as she was hurriedly trying to get back into her vehicle, bravely ignoring the grumpy and unappreciative drivers behind her who were beeping their horns!! As I drove up, I rolled down my window and shouted, "Were those your bins?" When she replied that they were not, I reached out my window and handed her two dakbands - risking the frustration of the now the grumpy, unappreciative drivers behind me who were honking. "These are for acts of kindness in our community. Thank-you for picking up the garbage bins," I said, barely stopping my car. And I drove out of sight.

Here is her version of the story: #97440 (Once on the track your dak page you have to enter the number in the 'Dak code' window and then click on the band number to read the story.)

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MaryAnn said...

Elaine - THAT was a cool story... from BOTH perspectives! Just wanted to fill you in on something that happened last weekend. The Pelham Cares Food Bank was doing the annual door to door food drive. I worked with two high school kids and we drove around collecting food from people's doorsteps. Many people were outside clearing snow from their steps and driveways and it was a great opportunity to acknowledge their kind food donations. There are three locations in town that are carrying DAKbands to support the fundraising project undertaken by the local Rotary club to "find and fund a permanent home for Pelham Cares". I LOVE the endless possibilities for the use of DAKbands!