Thursday, October 16, 2008


Welcome to our daklife blog.

My partner Kara Hawke and I will be posting regularly about the Deliberate Acts of Kindness project: musings, observations, developments, contests, interviews, and from time to time perhaps even a rant or two! We hope you’ll visit often, become part of our global community, share your comments and acts of kindness that touch and change your life.

Our story

I created the dakband concept over the period of about year. (I’ll post a story about that creative process in the near future). Once I had some samples in hand, I invited a friend for lunch hoping that her reaction to the concept would give me the approval encouragement I needed to take the next steps. By the end of lunch (I’m not sure we even ordered any food!), Kara and I were partners. (We could probably write a bestseller called the Dak Diet)

As the V.P. of a boutique advertising firm, the mother of six, and an inherently kind soul, I knew Kara was the perfect partner. Her company ( did all the fabulous design and logo work for the project. And within a few weeks Kara made our first custom sales (see Transitions Group and CBIC Run for the Cure). Her passion for the project combined with her networking skills continue to open doors that would make even Monty Hall jealous!

Although the project had a soft launch in the New Year, we are sending our ‘official media release’ out into the world next week. Emerson Group has created an awesome package that will go out to newspapers, magazines, organizations, and important individuals around the world so keep your eyes and ears open – or simply visit here to learn about all the latest developments and reactions to the project.

In honor of our official blog launch our first give away will be 3 sets of dakbands drawn at random from everyone who leaves a comment about an act of kindness that inspired them. The contest will close at midnight Friday the 24th.

I look forward to sharing with you all.
Yours kindly,


heidi said...

There have been so many acts that have inspired me - from the grand estures down to the seemingly small. One that shaped my be;iefs took place Christmas over 25 years ago. We were dirt poor. My single mom was working 3 jobs just to pay the bills. We had no tree, no decorations and no presents. A few nights before Christmas, while we were out at my school Christmas program, our landlord and neighbors snuck into our house and put up a tree. They decorated the tree and stacked presents underneath it. The lined the countertops with bags of groceries. Then they simply left it there for us to find on our own. They sought no glorification or recognition, they just quietly and deliberately gave of themselves for us.

I love this. I love what you've got going. I'm going to link you up and read more. I will be spreading the word of you today!!

Cheryl said...

This is so great. More people need to think like this, I will be trying harder to do so and showing my kids also.

MoodyMama (a.k.a. Heidi) said...

My most recent received act of kindness was from the Heidi that posted the first comment! She sent me a blog award! I've never gotten one before and am new to blogging so that was totally cool! She also told me about your site, this is sooo cool! I hope I get a bracelet from someone because I love the idea of paying it forward!

Rhea said...

I love it when I see people go out of their way to help someone else or say a kind word.

Even the simple things like holding a door open for someone, or picking something off the ground that someone dropped. Those little things thrill me, because I feel like there is so much focus on the negative in the news.

Kirstin said...

Last winter was a big one for snow--over a hundred inches, one storm after another. Late one night, we heard a snow blower getting closer. Turned out the man behind it was going up and down the block clearing everyone's sidewalks. With the next storm and each one after that, he cleared our driveway, too. Every time we hear him coming, we're grateful for the gift of warmth and rest he's giving us in the middle of an icy landscape.