Friday, October 31, 2008

A Different Perspective

It has been a crazy week, crazy busy that is. We finally sent out some media packages and as promised I've included a few pictures. The picture in the window of the box is actually a card, that contains a handwritten note to whomever is the recipient. Along with the beautiful tin box and two samples (one sample is our standard set of bands, the other is a sample of one of our custom orders) we include our media release and information sheet. Now we keep our fingers crossed!

Last evening I gave away a pair of bands during dinner at a restaurant. Our waitress was very, very pregnant and while giving the table behind us their check she dropped something off her tray. The woman at the table jumped up and picked it up for her. Once the waitress left, I leaned over and gave the woman two dakbands. She and her husband were so surprised, and touched. But that isn't the point. What struck me was the response of my family.

My seventeen year old daughter said, "Mom, it is so cool that you have the courage to do that. Those people seemed genuinely grateful." My husband smiled his encouragement at me, and I felt great - all night. I think that this is part of what makes the dakband project so effective and meaningful. As someone who wears the bands everyday I am always looking for opportunities to give the bands the away. Even during moments of frustration, I look down at my wrist and my perspective immediately changes. Sometimes when days go by and I haven't seen any acts of kindness I look for anything that resembles kindness.

This morning I saw a young mother with four children in a parking lot, she was trying to herd them all into the vehicle while the oldest (about 5) was doing his best to counter all her efforts. She finally lost it. After she got them all into their seats and closed the door she leaned into that van with her head down like it was her mother's shoulder. I walked over pressed two bands into her hand and said, "These bands are for kindness in our community, but I just want to encourage you." The bands on my wrist remind me of my choice to be kind each and every day.

We are going to extend our giveaway for another week. So be sure to check out the previous post to discover what you have to do.

Please do to the track your dak page to check out band #12008 - it is so cool!

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