Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jones Soda Kindness

It is just so encouraging when profit driven companies practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR – in the business marketing world). Which, really in simple terms translates as: integrity, community engagement, relationship building, and employee wellbeing. In the past few months I have come across a couple of really inspiring stories that deserve dakbands, and recently I experienced the profound effect of such corporate compassion.

About nine months ago a dear friend, Rick Hill, a member of my home church group was diagnosed with cancer. Last Saturday we celebrated his life at his funeral. He died a pop star – literally.

His beloved wife, Dena, entered a picture of Rick in a contest to appear on the label of Jones Soda. Their picture won. When the company learned that Rick had died, they provided the root beer with Rick’s label for everyone at the reception. Nuff said. Go buy some Jones Soda!

It should be noted that the picture above epitomizes Rick - shoveling snow in a kilt (sporran and all), work boots,  a leather jacket and a cowboy hat (he made that kilt himself!). How we will miss you, and your kindness.         


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Megan Billard said...

This is great! I loved that you said you celebrated his life at his funeral in Oakville. Although death is a sad thing, I believe that life is something that can be celebrated. As hard as it is not to have someone there anymore is hard, but when else do you really take a good hard look at what kind of a person they were. And as for Rick, he lives on as a label on some really great soda! I'm sure he was a great guy, thanks for sharing this!