Friday, February 24, 2012


Some introductions are in order, in fact I should really apologize for taking so long to do this. These are people who can change your life. These are young adults with vision, hope, humility and most of all, wisdom. It is not only their accomplishments that will change our lives (think cure for cancer), but their stories also reveal the power of the human spirit to transform misfortune into success.

I first met Trevor Bodogh (pronounced, bodo) through an email, where he boldly introduced himself. I was smitten (in a motherly way :) immediately, and arranged to meet him at a local Starbucks. Our one hour meeting turned into half a morning, and now I believe our paths are connected forever. He is a performer, motivational speaker, and source of endless, jubilant energy. Take a moment to get to know him through his amazing website, and this great video.....

Now the next introductions are virtual, meaning I've not really met them personally, but I would welcome the opportunity. These  girls have recently won the Siemens Competition, a prestigious math and science competition for high-school students in the U. S. Angel Zhang, 17 years old, took home a $100,000.00 cheque for finding what is suspected, as a cure for cancer..... Samantha Garvey, a homeless 17-year-old has spent two years researching mollusks in a salt water marsh on Long Island; and, 17-year-old Shree Bose from Fort Worth won for her research on a chemotherapy drug, cisplatin, and in the  15-16 age group, Naomi Shah won with her study of the effects of air quality on lungs, focusing on individuals with asthma. This is the TEDTALK featuring the these amazing kids!

So cool.

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