Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Like begets Like

A friend gently reminded me today, via email, that it has been sometime since I've blogged (thanks Marty). I had no idea so much time had passed. My last blog, April 5, was two days before finally leaving the hospital after a month long visit that included two surgeries involving my heart. Days are much shorter at home and recuperating has absorbed all my energy, but I am grateful for the reminder.

I am still living with the remnants of many acts of kindness that supported me through my hospital stay. Our home is filled with beautiful plants that will hopefully live to enjoy a special place in the garden - transplantation is their only hope. Our bureau is crowded with cards and notes, and a stack of books on the office desk will keep me 'well read' for months; although, truthfully, my reading time correlates directly with my stamina, inversely. So I hope the amount of time I have to read begins to diminish somewhat, meaning my stamina is increasing and I can do other things!

As I savor all the kindness that has enriched my life over the past while, I've noticed how my thoughts are influenced. Kindness begets kindness. Outward conditions and experiences are an expression of inner thoughts. The more I think about all the kindness, generosity and care that has been shown me, the more kind and generous and caring I feel and become. The more time that I devote to thinking 'Right thoughts' the less time and energy I give to negative thought habits. When our thoughts about others are merciful and generous we bless not only them, but ourselves.
We need to practice kind thoughts.

Tonight many Americans were kind and generous, supporting charities featured on Idol Gives Back. Please take a few moments think about these worthy organizations.

Remember, so within, so without.

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