Friday, April 17, 2009

Two fer

Today you get a two fer one deal. I have two things to share with y'all.

Firstly, we have a wonderful event that we are sponsoring/hosting on May 9, 2009. It is called A Cinderella Story. Young girls in grades 8 and 12, who might not otherwise be able to attend their graduations (proms) because they can't afford the expense, are invited to shop (for free!) for their dresses and accessories.

We are collecting gently worn dresses, shoes, purses, jewelry from friends of friends of friends. Our goal is to gather 1000 dresses, and we expect at least a few hundred young girls! We need all the help we can muster to make this event a success and to smother these young women with joy and love so if you can help, or know someone who can contribute please click here for more information and to download the information sheet.

Secondly, just a nice story :) This past Wednesday evening I was invited to speak about the dakbands at a Rotary dinner meeting - food is a great incentive! Although I know of Rotary, I didn't know much about Rotary (except that one of my best friends daughter just spent a year in Denmark on a Rotary exchange). I did a bit of research before my presentation however and learned that their motto is Service above Self - how do I join!

After a lovely meal, and conversation with my table mates (Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent) and an enthusiastic reception of my presentation it was time for the 'Happy Dollar' box. Now I have been at a few club meetings in my time and I have never seen this. They actually had a box in the shape of a happy face. Someone walked around the room with the box and people paid a dollar to share with the group something they were happy about or grateful for, and if they had two things to share they paid two dollars...I had a smile on my face the entire time. And something else really cool....almost everyone was happy about my presentation, so they made a killin :)

This is a story from band # 106756, it has 5 stories attached to it, this is just one of them:
March 23, 2009 15:06 - Brooklyn, NY,

My sister works at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and she came across a patient who she saw on occasion, outside the building in an old tatterred coat that could barely shelter him from the cold. She did not know this person, but was moved with compassion to purchase a coat and give it to him. He responded by saying that no-one has ever done such an act of kindness for him before, and that she will be blessed because her generousity.

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