Thursday, March 5, 2009

Banana Bread and Kindness

Yesterday I spent most of my morning with a grade 7 class at Bowmore P.S. in Toronto. A student contacted me a few months ago, following my interview on CBC Radio (see podcasts). She told me about an audio documentary that she was working on and asked if she could interview me. I was flattered and very curious about her project.

With my own personal videographer in tow (my brother-in-law) - I wanted to capture this interview, and the class presentation I offered to do, for posterity (and with some artful editing a YouTube video perhaps!). Tim and I made the drive from Burlington to Toronto under sunny skies, that hinted at today's warmth, in record time because the QEW traffic gods must have been happy about the weather as well - I can't find any other reason to explain the absence of traffic at 9:00 am on a weekday! Both of us were curious about the young woman, the project and her classmates response to dakbands. Let me just say that even if the traffic gods had been truculent it would have been worth the trip.

Young Emily was articulate, informed, self confident and courteous. The interview was professional and fun. Her teacher was gracious, enthusiastic and encouraging, while all her classmates impressed us with their attentiveness and enthusiasm. During the presentation to the class I happened to mention that I have not received a dakband from someone and I am very much looking forward to the day when I do receive my first band. I left the school with eight dakbands, some great video and a grateful heart.

I don't want to give away any details about Emily's project because I have invited her to write a post about it in her own words. But I'll give you involves banana bread and kindness.

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