Monday, January 12, 2009


This morning I did a radio interview on the Metro Morning show. It was at 6:15 in the morning, which means I left my house at 5 am, and my bed at 4:20. Just in case any one is wondering, Starbucks is not open at 5 am (in Burlington) - or Toronto for that matter.

I was thinking on my solitary drive into the city, at such an ungodly hour, that one advantage would be the parking. However, I arrived at CBC studios with barely five minutes to spare and not a parking lot in site. So I parked under the Metro Hall building thinking I am very clever because it is just down the street from the John St. entrance I was told to use so early in the morning. Unfortunately, the Metro Hall building is enormous, and no one is there at 6 am. I found myself pounding on the Tim Hortons retractable metal barrier while shouting, not attractively, "Excuse me, Excuse me...Can someone please tell me how to get out of this building?" Thankfully, someone did. But the entrance I so cleverly assumed was John St., was in fact Wellington St. Now I am ungracefully running through the very empty halls of CBC (yes I am in a skirt and some not-very-practical-but-very-cute boots) shouting, "Hello, Hello..." To whom, I don't really know. By now of course it is past the 6:00 am arrival deadline I was given. Fortunately a kind man named Gord found me and took me to the studio.

Despite the flustered start (quite literally, listen to the interview) the interview went very well. We have received numerous emails, calls and orders, so somebody is awake at 6:00 am :). I have arranged to post the interview under our podcasts so please keep an eye open for it in the next day or so!!

If you want to read a wonderful story please check out band #142406 and enter the number in the box that says Dak code.


MaryAnn said...

I AM one of those people who is up and heard the interview with Matt Galloway live. Give it a listen... it's worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Awesome website, I had not come across earlier in my searches!
Carry on the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Elaine said...

HI Alex,
The link has been repaired, so please have a listen!

yours kindly,

Anonymous said...


I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use some of the information from this post right above if I provide a backlink back to this site?